Elder Scrolls Online - Most anticipated MMO of 2013

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Star Citizen

HFC adds Star Citizen to it's lineup. Read more

HFC adds Star Citizen to it's list of sponsored games

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Chris Roberts' independent crowdfunding campaign for Star Citizen has surpassed $29 million and is well on its way to the next stretch goal at the $30 million mark.

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Hammerfist Summer Community Update

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Fellow Hammerfist friends and family-

It seems that yet another season has flown by, and so we wanted to take a brief minute to update you on recent activities and future endeavors.

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - The Battle System

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Battles are your standard fare with a focus on skills. Most enemies quite resistant to your regular attack, so you will be using your skills over 90% of the time. Another reason why you will be exclusively...

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Neverwinter joins the list of Hammerfist Sponsored Games

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Neverwinter and Hammerfist join together for the ultimate gaming experience.  Lorahand leads the charge as HFC adds Neverwinter to it's lineup of sponsored games.

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Hammerfist Adds Final Fantasy ARR to it's list of sponsored games.

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Hammerfist adds FFXIV:ARR to it's lineup of sponsored games.
With Vindrak at the helm, HFC is gearing up for an action packed adventure in to the realm of Final Fantasy, A Realm Reborn.

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Reading the Future of the Past in the Elder Scrolls

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Loremaster Lawrence Schick spends his time creating and breathing life into the deep history and lore at the heart of The Elder Scrolls Online.  In our first of many behind-the-scenes developer articles, Lawrence shares with us some of his experiences as our Loremaster, including what it’s like to write new history within the Second Era and why we chose that time period for ESO’s setting. 

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